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Things to do in a Blanket Fort

By |2015-11-03T15:35:39+00:00October 19th, 2015|Idea of the Month|

Looking for something fun to do with the kids on a rain-filled weekend? Maybe it’s time to pull out your Toydle fort and build a blanket fort! There are all sorts of fun things to do inside of a Toydle fort, get creative with a few blankets and ta da! Blanket fort! What can you [...]

Covering Your Fort Kit

By |2015-11-03T15:35:39+00:00October 16th, 2015|Exciting News From Toydle, Idea of the Month|

Your toydle fort kit was built to last (here in the USA). It is strong enough to be covered with just about anything (heavy quilts, sleeping bags, bed spreads, etc.). Sheets are the most favored covering because of size and ease of use. We are developing some specific coverings here at Until their release, the best place we [...]