There are so many things you can do with an indoor fort kit.  Known as the greatest indoor activity, this is a great way to engage your children in imaginative play, especially on extremely hot or rainy days. Here are some great ideas for building a fort.

Build a blanket fort

Every child has or will build a blanket fort at some point in their childhood.  Blanket forts can be even more fun by adding friends or having a slumber party in the fort.  Use sheets, blankets, pillows, fabric, and/or ribbon to drape your fort.

Make a Bed Tent

Place your fort over your bed, hang some covers over you fort, grab a flashlight and call it a night!

Have a Fort Party

Is it an all-girl party?  No problem.  Get some pink and purple fabric, cut some ribbon and tie on different color fabric.  Also, host a fort camping party.  Gather some lanterns, get pink sheets, make some cupcakes and have a campout.

Is it an all boy party?  Time for a camouflage party.  Grab some great camo sheets and nets from your local hunting / fishing store.

There are so many possibilities when building a fort.  Use your imagination, get the children involved.  Have a fort building contest for party goers.  This great indoor activity is your solution. As you can see, imagination can often be as important as math, science or reading. Despite how it sometimes looks to adults, imaginative and pretend play helps develop many important skills that boost a child’s learning and success.

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