One of the coolest things about the Toydle fort is that there’s no “How to” manual required. Don't make this hard and don't worry about it if your child or children get into arguments about the best methods or plans. It's part of the creative process. Enjoy it, help them learn to laugh when things fall because they forgot something.

Our fort was designed to be the easiest to use.

We take pride in the fact that we don’t require instructions because we live by the notion that rules are made to be broken.There are so many possibilities with your Toydle fort. In fact, it’s only limited by your imagination.Creating a fort should be an easy and hands on experience, so for the most part we encourage you to jump right in and use your imagination and creativity. But to get started with building your first fort, or for new ideas for experienced builders, we’ve created some resources on our website to help you out. Check out some of the following ideas and resources:

So relax, and enjoy making the best toy fort around. The only rule we require is that you have loads of fun!