What will your child’s fort be today? A castle? A fortress? A cave?

Pretend play is a vital part of childhood development. Around three years of age, your little person’s mind begins to weave fantastical scenarios and stories where they have the lead role. From kittens parachuting out of airplanes to (my daughter’s favorite at three years old) to piles of dirt-as-castles, this stage can be so exciting and fun!

How Pretend Play Grows Your Child’s Brain

So far in your child’s life, they have been building the basics: crawling, scooting, walking, and talking. They start to have it all come together around the age of three, when they begin to create stories and scenarios that help them think, plan, create, and problem solve. These little mini-dramas help them create a fail-safe environment to work on feelings, interpersonal relationships, empathy, and provide them an opportunity to implement and test their ideas. As they grow, their innovation, ideas, and creativity take center stage in their development, and gets them ready for higher-level thinking and school. Kids who are given open-ended opportunities to play in this manner have been shown to excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects because they have practiced problem-solving and flexible thinking.

Forts for Pretending and More!

pretend playWhat will your Toydle fort be today? Ask! You, the parent or caregiver, are really your child’s favorite playmate. Ask open questions like, “Tell me about your fort today!” Ask them what the fort is supposed to be, ask them to explain the fort’s backstory: is it a castle? Is there a knight or a princess or a knight/princess trapped inside? (No rules! They could be both!) Is the fort a base camp for mountain climbing adventures? Ask leading questions, too. Are there animals in the fort? What kind? Is it snowing at base camp?

All of these types of questions tickle your child’s imagination and spark the fire of pretend play. Shake loose from adult logic and enjoy the journey!

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