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Motor Skills and Fort Building

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Fort building is brain building. Assembling our forts allows kids to practice using their bodies for large movements, and also for smaller movements. These are commonly referred to as "Motor Skills." Motor Skills: Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Proprioception First, what's the difference? Gross Motor Skills - These are characterized by larger body movements. Examples include: running, [...]

Pretend Play and Fort Building

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What will your child's fort be today? A castle? A fortress? A cave? Pretend play is a vital part of childhood development. Around three years of age, your little person's mind begins to weave fantastical scenarios and stories where they have the lead role. From kittens parachuting out of airplanes to (my daughter's favorite at three [...]

Language Building Fort Activities

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The work of childhood is play. As an adult, you probably don't think of "play" as "work," but for your child they are one and the same. Play provides your children opportunities to use their brains, bodies, and senses in ways that help them grow strong, healthy and ready for the world. Ready to learn more about how [...]