Spring is here! Snow has (hopefully) melted, the ground is drying…time to play outside! Toydle forts are perfect for some shady outside fort play. Let’s take a look:

Play Outside With Your Fort Ideas:

  1. Hide and Seek Home Base – “Olly Olly Oxen Free!” That means you’re safe to come out of hiding, right? Play a game of hide and seek with your Toydle fort as your home base. Put the fort up in your yard, and the kids can hide in it or around it. Make your fort the center of everything!
  2. Sleepover Central – Later in the spring (or summer) make this THE place to have a sleepover! Bring your air mattresses and sleeping bags for an evening under the stars. Leave an opening at the top for stargazing. Pretend you’ve landed on the moon in your spaceship!
  3. Nerf® Wars – Take no prisoners! Create two smaller forts with the Toydle pieces and place them across from each other. They make the perfect cover and hidden spot to take a break and reload your Nerf® weapons. Find some interesting camouflage fabric and you have a perfect place to duck and cover!
  4. Taj Mahal – A majestic castle awaits your royal rulers! Create a royal pathway on your grass with foam floor mats for your prince or princess to walk on, leading to the palace. Your most fancy dress-ups are, of course, required.
  5. Circus-Circus – Put your child’s favorite stuffed animals on display under the Big Top! A play parachute makes a fantastic circus roof top. Come one, come all to the greatest little show on earth! (Bonus: this idea can easily be brought inside!)

A Few Extra Play Outside Tips:

  • If it’s still damp where you are, replace your nice blankets and sheets with tarps and make a safe haven from occasional rain showers. This will help keep feet and bottoms dry if you’re sitting on the ground. Use our clips or large clothes pins to keep everything in place.
  • Walkie talkies are a fantastic accessory for Nerf® games. You must share strategy. Be in com
  • Gather a survival kit: flashlight, whistle, water bottle, snacks, bug spray – no need to go inside!

The work of childhood is play. Let your kids take the lead and be the teller of the story. It will create lasting memories for everyone!