Army-Men-300x300Each month, we’ll be bringing you a small tip on how to have more FUN with your children. It’s such an important part of parenting that oftentimes gets lost. And it doesn’t get lost because you mean to avoid it, but our lives have become very busy. So, it’s important to take a step back and just have fun with your children. Here’s our first Tip of the Month! Enjoy!

Play with your kids through the lens of imagination!
This past Sunday night my 10 year old boy suggested that we shoot army men with “bb guns”. My first inclination was to say “no.” Why ruin his toys? Then I realized the army men were only a dollar for the whole bag. Then I realized something deeper…

To him, shooting the army men was a great adventure. We were not simply shooting targets, we were heroes in a great war against evil forces. In his mind every army man shot down was a victory for good, not just a target.

Imagination: There’s a Reason for it

Pretend play is a very important part of your child’s cognitive, language and literacy development. Education isn’t all flashcards and spelling tests. The work of childhood is PLAY! When children are engaged in using their imagination when they play, they are developing their problem solving skills, their ability to express their thoughts, and problem solve in a safe space. The stakes are low, so they learn flexible thinking in a pressure-free environment. All wonderful skills to hone as they grow up. Making up a story surrounding the imaginary play supports language and literacy development as well. Plus? It’s fun for both of you!

Rekindle Yours!

It may take some serious effort, but try as best as you can to rekindle some of your childhood imagination. It will not only help you understand where your children are coming from, but it will also help you unwind a bit and have a little fun!