This is as important of a year as ever to be thinking of purchasing American made toys for your children for the holidays. With as difficult as the economy has been for most businesses the last few years, it’s important for small to mid-sized American companies to garner sales during this important holiday season.

Why Buy American Made Toys?

When you purchase American made toys, you are supporting multiple industries and helping create jobs for skilled workers. American workers enjoy safe working environments and higher wages. Where your child’s toy was made is important for more than just the world-renowned American quality. When you purchase American made toys you are helping both a local and national economy stay strong and thrive, help the environment by cutting down on transportation costs, and ensures the safety of the product you are purchasing.

100% American Made

At Toydle, we’ve made it a priority to manufacture and purchase all of our supplies from American companies, so that we can contribute in some small way to the success of companies operating and manufacturing goods in our country. From the PVC pipes to the wooden blocks and, of course, the manufacturing done at our facility in Boise, ID, everything Toydle is American. Creating American made toys is a value we adhere to daily.

Congratulations and Thank You

We want to congratulate all of those companies who have taken a similar difficult stand. It’s very easy sometimes to choose other routes, because costs can be significantly better. But taking a stand helps to not only set an example but also contribute to other’s success in the small business community within our country. We also want to take a moment to thank our customers who seek us out and purchase our toys. We know you have choices, and we thank you for choosing us.

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