Looking for something fun to do with the kids on a rain-filled weekend? Maybe it’s time to pull out your Toydle fort and build a blanket fort! There are all sorts of fun things to do inside of a Toydle fort, get creative with a few blankets and ta da! Blanket fort!

What can you do in a Blanket Fort?

Because our forts are so huge, both kids and parents can fit in it without breaking your back! And with a huge fort, activities are endless. For example, you can:

  • Play a board game inside your giant fort.
  • Have a tea party inside your castle fort.
  • Or even share the world’s best nerf gun battle with our covered panels!

Regardless of what you do inside your Toydle fort, we hope that the best part of the entire experience is building! We made our forts to be giant and indestructible so that you can truly experience the simple and creative fun of building a fort. Add twinkle lights, decorate it, have a sleepover in it; the possibilities are truly endless.

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