We put the top play forts to the test to see which of them would stand up under the rigors of day to day family life. From kids hanging on the fort (though we don’t recommend doing this!) to pieces getting run over by your car, these normal occurrences shed light on which fort is the strongest and most durable.

For our first test, we wanted to see which fort could withstand a 45-50 pound child hanging from the fort. You know, despite the fact that you tell your child to not climb on the fort, there will be some future dare devils that decide to give climbing a whirl despite the wisdom of their parents (we know this doesn’t apply to your children!). So we connected a bucket to the side of the Toydle Fort as well as one of the main competitors and filled it with water to see if either could withstand the test.

Take a look first at the competitor fort:

And now see how the Toydle kids fort stacked up:

Next test was the proverbial “run over the toy parts by a vehicle test.” You know the scenario, your child forgets to put the toy away and you accidentally run over it with your car. Again, not saying that your kids ever run into this category, but this test truly gives you a glimpse into the strength of our product versus the competition.

Take a look at the results:

Toydle Forts are the strongest Play Fort out there.