Want to live out that childhood fantasy with your children? Building a Living Room Fort is both creative and fun!

I loved building forts as a kid. When it was raining outside I would grab my blankets, pillows, and some chairs and let my creative juices flow. A living room fort was part of being a child. I remember pretending to be a princess with my friends inside our living room fort. My sister and I would scrounge through the house looking for any and everything that we could use to build a larger fort, along with whatever we could find to attach the pieces together and anchor the fort for hours of fun play. Some of my favorite childhood memories were made building those living room forts with my sister.

Are your kids watching too much TV?

In the age of increased television watching, our children are not engaging in as many creative and physical activities. When it’s cold outside, they run for the covers and a movie. I have found that building forts again with my children has encouraged them to get off the couch and use their imagination. They love to build their forts in the living room. The open space engages their problem solving skills, as well. Where should it go? How should we set it up? Inside play doesn’t have to involve a screen!

living room fortWhy Build a Living Room Fort with your kids?

This is a great way to engage your children in imaginative play, especially on extremely hot or rainy days. Build your living room fort with your children. After you build with them, stand back and enjoy what you have created. Then, Get inside! Playing with your children is such a great experience. Play is important for your child’s social, physical, and cognitive growth.