When children build forts they use blankets, comforters, boxes and they channel their inner hunter-gatherers. While building children’s forts is a wonderful indoor activity during those rainy days, fort building is also a way to engage your children in learning creativity. Decorating their favorite children’s forts in blankets, with their favorite stuffed animals, and maybe even the family dog, encourages individual creative design and allows the children to have unstructured fun for hours upon hours.

The benefits of building children’s forts:

  1. Rainy-day distractions
  2. Build creative skills
  3. Build analytic skills

Children’s forts design come in all shapes and sizes. Whether making a small fort, or building a much larger fort, there are several options for your children. Our children like to build their forts in the playroom and pretend they are police officers. One of my son’s friends’, who also happens to be a girl, enjoyed decorating the fort in pinks and purples, using sticky letters to put her name on the fort. We served cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallows and had a camp out party.

Our children’s forts have been used in many ways. Whether the kids build the fort over the table, or on their bed, they are always having fun using their imagination and seeing what they can come up with next. Building a children’s fort is fun, is creative and shhhhh don’t tell the kids, but adults like to play in them too. They remind us of childhood and bring back memories of when we had unstructured, uninhibited fun!

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