Construction toys are a great creative building toy that made the scene all the way back in 1914. There’s a reason they stand the test of time: they’re fun. The creative possibilities are endless. Now imagine the creativity and fun to be had life-sized and ready for your children’s imaginations?

Toydle has taken the notion of construction toys to the next level – turning playtime into giant Tinker Toys® and giant-sized fun. The Toydle wooden blocks are very similar to the construction toys and the Toydle pvc pipes used as rods are very similar to the sticks used for construction playtime fun. The only difference comes in the form of their size. The Toydle can be used to build a life size fort that your children can play with, sleep in, and generally have the best fun of their young lives.

Taking Construction Toys to the Next Level

The concept of the giant construction toys came about when Toydle’s founder, Robert Brownfield, got tired of cheap Chinese made toys that he bought for his children. The straw broke the proverbial camel’s back when a toy that he bought his children for Christmas broke within hours. Toydle toy forts are made in America with high quality components – so they’ll last. That is guaranteed or your money back.

Especially during Christmas, conjuring up some good old fashioned construction fun can bring smiles from ear to ear. But now that Santa can deliver the Toydle toy fort to your children for Christmas, giant wooden toys can become a reality for your little ones. Order your child a Toydle toy fort and we promise they’ll have the time of their life – and it won’t be a toy that breaks or that gets stuffed under their bed never to be used again. Our toy fort will bring delight for years to come!

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